Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives. This thing helps us, human beings solve everyday. For example if somebody does not understand something, technology is at their service. Another example is if you can’t fix something, you could use technology. In our everyday life we always have a problem once and a while but that problem is usually stopped due technology.

Technology is used in many different ways. Such as for making food or making a website, or even to fix a truck. But once you think about it. To the people who have access to most of the time, the use every day. Technology purpose at first was fixing programs de-bugging and other things. Once you think about technology from today isn’t the same as technology from 30 years ago or in 50. The usage of technology differs to the usage of technology today.  Technology wouldn’t be used to fix problems back then, then in the present. For example In In 1946 the first computer was created and it was called ENIAC. It was the first computer created but think how we use computers today compared to the computers back then.

In technology my classmates and I are always asking questions but our Technology teacher uses this rule, Ask three before me. Basically this rule means that before asking the question to him you either ask a friend look it up and help support search. Back then was the internet even available? No. Do you see how much technology is useful for us today even more useful back then. Now, Lets gather up all the ideas we talked about: Technology in the past, how its important, The usage of technology, and Technology in our daily life.

These points, practically answer the topics question. Now you comment what you think do you agree that technology can solve everyday problems in most our lives or you don’t. Comment in the section bellow, See Ya 😉 Say what you believe and what is your opinion state whatever you want.image1



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